Friday, October 06, 2006

Monster Pasta

Sarah, I am planning to make your monster pasta this week. I bought the ingredients today. However, your recipe was a little vague ... First of all, it calls for one CAN of shredded chicken. I have a problem with meat in cans. I find it odd. So I am boiling and shredding my own chicken. I believe it will enlongate my life to do so. Also, there are a lot of different sizes of cans, so I don't know how much chicken this really translates to. Same with the cottage cheese. I think I bought a 10 oz container, which was the smallest I could find. My plan is to mix the cheese and chicken in equal ratios and call it good. Is this going to end poorly?

I bought quite a lot of food today. I am planning on making Sarah's dessert recipe again, the Haystacks. They were just so tasty last time! I needed to buy a loaf of bread, and they had a loaf of that white bread that is tye-dyed really brightly in all different colors. I used to eat it when I was pretty young, and I haven't seen it since. I wanted to buy it primarly because it seemed like it would be really funny to offer to make Ren some toast and then hand him toast made of bright green/blue/red/yellow swirls. However, they only had one loaf, and it was slightly stale. Alas.


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